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from drop to ocean


During these past strange times while many others have been suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune I’ve mostly been in my 5th floor flat in a tower block in Bristol, sitting with a view of beckoning hills beyond the open balcony door, comfortable in my converted living room studio applying layers of this and that to see what occurred, I had fun, it kept me falling down the YouTube well and got me out of bed.

I have a diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS that brings me pain and excessive fatigue.

Previous artistic endeavours have been IRL (in real life) performances and communal celebratory events. They were by nature durational, Start - do my thing – Finish. They involved ridiculous amounts of reliable energy…. the show must go on until it didn’t. 

This painting malarkey in isolation became a give and take with what was occurring on the 10”x10”boards, I’d work on a handful, rotating them to keep in the flow and to allow the acrylic medium to dry.  Together we have been through lots of decisions, accidents and surprises as elements (colour, imagery etc) jostled to find an appropriate or inappropriate place only to be covered by another iteration, layer upon layer suggesting narratives or sensations.10 minutes here and a few hours there, drawn in as I passed the studio all set up and inviting me to the dance.

If you choose to stand and stare these portal paintings may take you though time, you may decipher the histories or create your own interpretations. With infinite Potentialities - watch the breakdown of the Fabric of Reality no less. ENJOY! (or you could buy one making it an Actuality and help create my future reality).

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